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mHealth: Breast Cancer & Heartbeats

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This study sounds promising. It could be a game changer for those who have both limited mobility, and limited access to health care providers to continue follow up care.

Check it out:

"A study of post-operative care for breast cancer patients undergoing reconstructive surgery finds that a remote monitoring platform featuring an mHealth app is more convenient than in-person care."

The Study

(via @mHealthIntel)

mHeath: Patient Use

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Will it work? Will people use it? It seems that we may have some answers.

Check out this interesting article on the subject of mHealth use.


"Prolonged mHealth Use May Improve Patient Self-Management"

mHealth: "Snake Oil"?

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mHealth: Better Tools

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mHealth: Tools & Care

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mHealth: Value vs. Volume

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mHealth Changes

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mHealth Behavior

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mHealth Standards

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mHealth Docs

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