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mHealth: Patient Adoption & Apps

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The question never changes. Do mHealth Apps work?

Interesting article on the subject.

Check it out:

"But something is not working and global health disparities continue to expand. Despite the potential for smartphones to detect and facilitate treatment of depression and even to provide early warning signs of suicidal thoughts, neither depression nor suicide rates have decreased. Despite the potential for wearable sensors to motivate exercise and apps to promote dietary improvement, obesity rates across the globe continue to expand."

(via @medcitynews)

mHealth: Apps for Dementia

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The need to make this happen is real. It could help so many families and loved ones.

Check it out:

"According to the study, that training correlates to a 29 percent decrease in dementia risk over a decade, compared to seniors who don't practice any memory or reason training at all. And each continued training session helped to lower those percentages further."

(via @mhealthintel)

mHealth: Digital Health & Africa

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The global reach of technology continues....


"The partnership will tap into smart, cost-effective solutions by harnessing Africa's digital revolution to strengthen health systems, such as health service delivery, health, medical information, informing and educating communities. Our two organizations are committed to expanding the use of ICTs in health to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, particularly universal health coverage in Africa," 

mHealth: App Distributors Survey

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Interesting survey on health insurers and apps.

Check it out.

"Seven years ago survey respondents said "hospitals" and "physicians" would be the most important future distribution channels, but they have lost a lot of their luster as have "healthcare webpages" and "pharmacies", the report noted."

(via MedcityNews)

mHealth: Fail & Learn

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It's always about what you learn from the failure.

Check out this interesting lesson.

"An project to have FQHC patients use an mHealth app to manage their diabetes and hypertension at home collapsed after a few weeks. 
But researchers say they learned valuable lessons."

mHealth: Charitable Apps

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Interesting use of mHealth Apps.

Check out this article:

"An mHealth app that donates to charity when 
patients meet goals helps increase patient engagement 
for patients ith certain personality types, research shows."

(via @PEHealthIT)

mHealth: After Hurricane Harvey

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Interesting article on mHealth & the Weather:

"Telehealth vendors are offering free consults to residents affected by 
Hurricane Harvey, and health systems will use a wide array of mHealth 
and telemedicine services as recovery efforts stretch on."

(via @mHealthIntel)

mHealth: Hurricane Harvey

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Tough week for the good folks of Houston.
Found this interesting article on how the health care system, and the technology responded during the disaster.

Check it out:

"Each organization needs to look at what they are at risk for in terms of natural disasters and develop sufficient emergency contingency plans,"

(via @HDMmagazine)

mHealth: Broadband & Rural Healthcare

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The access to broadband is needed to improve both the quality life and the economic opportunities for folks who live in rural areas!

Check out this article:

"Hospitals and healthcare services are well known economic drivers in small cities and rural areas. Adding broadband infrastructure to the mix can leverage better services - and more jobs."

(via @dailyyonder)

mHealth: Does it work?

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Does it work? Can they make it better?

Check this out:

"However, even though apps are intended to promote health behavior changes and improve the health of patients, most mHealth applications do not deliver as they should."

(via @mhealthintel)

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