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mHealth: Hurricane Harvey

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Tough week for the good folks of Houston.
Found this interesting article on how the health care system, and the technology responded during the disaster.

Check it out:

"Each organization needs to look at what they are at risk for in terms of natural disasters and develop sufficient emergency contingency plans,"

(via @HDMmagazine)

mHealth: Driving Docs

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mHealth: Speed Up EHR Providers

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Baby Boomers and mHealth

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mHealth Docs

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Real mHealth

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Does mHealth work for real people? 

Does it work for everyone?

Check out this interesting Question & Answer (Q&A)  article about the direction of this all this new technology:

mHealth and EHR

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TechnicalJones: Use mHealth

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What does it all mean, well check out this interesting article on Meaningful Use and mHealth:

MU for mHealth? Why telemedicine should get better faster

TechnicalJones: mHealth Standards

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What standards?

Read and listen to this:

@TechnicalJones: mHealth Leaders

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