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mHealth: Apps for Dementia

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The need to make this happen is real. It could help so many families and loved ones.

Check it out:

"According to the study, that training correlates to a 29 percent decrease in dementia risk over a decade, compared to seniors who don't practice any memory or reason training at all. And each continued training session helped to lower those percentages further."

(via @mhealthintel)

mHealth: Fail & Learn

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It's always about what you learn from the failure.

Check out this interesting lesson.

"An project to have FQHC patients use an mHealth app to manage their diabetes and hypertension at home collapsed after a few weeks. 
But researchers say they learned valuable lessons."

mHealth: Does the App work?

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mHealth or Wellness?

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mHealth: Smart Nurses & Smartphones

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mHealth High

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Double mHealth

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mHealth App Worth

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