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@TechnicalJones: mHealth - Look Now

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@TechnicalJones: mHealth - Look Now

As you know, I've been a strong proponent for educating people on technology and the positive impact it can have on the quality and cost of health care service.

During their conference this week, the folks at HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), introduced "mHealth From Smartphones to Smart Systems," a guideline for successfully implementing mobile healthcare programs in each area of the industry's ecosystem.

While I haven't had a chance to review the book, the editors offer a preview that makes me think there are some people who actually "get it."  Contributing editors come from all walks of life - academia, government, health care, tech and telecom - offering simple examples on designing, deploying and implements programs that utilize current and future mobile technologies to further reform and advance health care.

More importantly, the book highlights the need for education and training on the basics of mHealth for all those who touch the processes and programs put in place.  It offers clear understanding of the important role technology plays in enhancing the quality and reducing the costs of healthcare - regardless of how, where and when services are needed - by changing the way health care professionals currently provide services.

"For m-health initiatives to be successful in the US, we quickly need to close the gap of understanding that exists among the players in the government, the mobile sector and the healthcare industry," said Andy Castonguay, Principal Analyst, Handsets and Devices, Informa Telecoms & Media.  "This book's diverse contributors provide just such a vehicle to push that national conversation in a meaningful and productive direction."

In addition to the expert advice offered throughout the book, it includes several case studies that outline the opportunities and obstacles for implementing a successful mHealth program, addressing issues on security and privacy, compliance, developing a business model, crafting an mHealth strategy, and of course, the future of mHealth.

The book is available online at HIMSS online.  Based on the preview, I expect reading the book will cut through all the hype and put things in proper perspective.


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