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More Health Care . . . More Technology . . . 

Health 2.0 Conf_Pic 0016_April 2009.JPG
Health 2.0 Conf_Pic 0017_April 2009.JPG
Preview of: Pew Study on Heath Care & Internet due out in May 2009 (will keep you updated on the release):

Some early findings of interest:

"People still use traditional ways to find out about health care (i.e. talk to friends, family members, books, etc.)"

"Most people are satisfied with PCs and other traditional means of finding health care information or providers."

"Wireless is additional source, but not a replacement of traditional sources."

"Mobile adoption could be a game changer."

Health 2.0 Conf_Pic 0018_April 2009.JPGHealth 2.0 Conf_Pic 0019_April 2009.JPGHealth 2.0 Conf_Pic 0020_April 2009.JPGHealth 2.0 Conf_Pic 0021_April 2009.JPG
"When people reach out for Health Care . . . they are looking for the human connection."

"People need the human touch."

"The industry must begin designing for collaboration and not just for transactions."

Health 2.0 Conf_Pic 0022_April 2009.JPGHealth 2.0 Conf_Pic 0023_April 2009.JPG

"Interest in Health Care . . . JOBS!!!"

"Talk about patients in the first person . . . health care is personal!"

"Health Care information explosion is overwhelming!"

"Health Professionals cannot do it alone."

The debate continues . . .

Health 2.0 Conf_Pic 0016_April 2009.JPG
Health 2.0 Conf_Pic 0017_April 2009.JPG

Health 2.0 Conf_Pic 0018_April 2009.JPG
Health 2.0 Conf_Pic 0019_April 2009.JPG

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Health 2.0 Conf_Pic 0022_April 2009.JPG

Health 2.0 Conf_Pic 0023_April 2009.JPG

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