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Lately all I have been hearing is how technology is truly changing the way we live and survive during these tough economic times.  People are making choices concerning the services they want, and the services they truly need.

Recently AT&T announced that they have experienced a significant ramp in consolidated revenue growth led by improved results in wireless and enterprise, and further expansion of wireless and consolidated margins.  This announcement sheds some light on the new needs and demands of both consumers and businesses.

The exploding demand for wireless voice and data services has fueled their increased revenue. This appears to be a direct result of what most folks are beginning to do . . . which is deciding between keeping a land line phone in the home and business or going completely wireless.  For many these days, it is a choice of simple economics.  For most consumers, it is the reliance on their wireless service that forces them to this decision.  I recently wrote about this in a previous post, "Wireless World", and now the proof of such movement is beginning to show.

I have spoken to folks who are fully committed to being totally dependent on wireless communications, not only for the cost, but for the accessibility.  Others say, why be so accessible to the whole world?  In 2008, no one can afford to be isolated from our global community.  What is happening right before our eyes is the evolution of how we communicate and obtain information.  It is through wireless technology that this change is being created and propelled.

Clearly, AT&T is staying focused on their customers and growth.  By providing quality service and cutting edge products, they continue to attract both consumer and business subscribers.  You can bet all of their competitors, both big and small, in this market will be pushing hard to keep up.  Such competition is good for the marketplace and makes AT&T a better provider.

With all of the new technology we have yet to see, it is exciting to know that marketplace leaders like AT&T still get excited about building their business one person and one business at a time.

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