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New technology can be somewhat overwhelming.  In our lifetime many of us have gone from living with a Black and White TV that only has 3 or 4 channels, listening to the hometown AM radio station to get all of your local information, to becoming excited by the invention of the cassette tape.

Now with YouTube, Internet Radio, and Google, you don't have to move from your computer screen to get any information you could ever need on anything or anybody.

With all of this new technology and innovation comes great excitement and interest.  These new products have changed the way we live and communicate not only with our friends and family, but with our world. On the other hand, how many new high tech devices do you own where 75 percent of the gadgets that have been added to upgrade the product aren't even used?
Don't get me wrong, I like the new technology and what it is doing to improve our world, but there has to be a better way to explain and engage people on how to use these new tools and products to their fullest extent.
Yes, people and companies produce new products to make money, that's a reality of this world. But true visionary companies and executives understand that the real way to get "paid" is to create products we can't live without, a product that will enhance our life, making it easier.
It seems to me that as technology advances, it should be easier to use.  However I keep hearing people talk about all these modern and very hip gadgets they own, but they don't use most of the functions.  Why?  Many cannot tell you the reason.
I bet the next big wave of hot technology entrepreneurs will be individuals or groups who are able to harness and provide user friendly products and content to the masses.  People want functional, simple, and affordable stuff in their lives.  More bells and whistle are fine and dandy, but if it rings and sings and you cannot get it to work, do you really want it or need it?
In there future this will be a key question that the innovators and producers of technology will face.

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