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Seemingly overnight, all of our lives have been changed by the wireless boom.  Voice, data, along with video demand and access are all the rage now.  It has quickly become a need not a want.  The short period of time that this transformation has occurred has been remarkable.

Wireless technology has been absolutely essential to the growth of the use and access within minority communities. The concerns over such issues are major concerns for both our nations' technical and economic growth.

A recent Pew Research Study titled "Seeding The Cloud: What Mobile Access Means for Usage Patterns and Online Content" states that, "Mobile access builds on the cell phone, a device that is easier to use and more affordable than a computer . . . cell phone users are more likely to be found in groups that have generally lagged in internet adoption, such as senior citizens, blacks, and Latinos."  For many folks, their access to the internet is through the cell phone or other wireless devices.

The Pew study also notes that the pattern of use is more profound than how the internet is accessed. They study finds that "for use of non-voice data applications on handhelds, Hispanics and African Americans lead the way relative to white Americans. Half of African Americans and 56% of English-speaking Latinos with cell phones, on a typical day, do at least one of 10 non-voice data applications such as taking pictures, accessing the internet for news, playing music, or texting. By contrast, 38% of whites do these kinds of activities on a wireless handheld device on the average day."

It seems very clear that the potential growth for wireless companies in these markets will impact their business decisions.  If they fail to address or reach out to these communities and potential new customers, they will suffer.  There is also great potential to address the issues on how to make the internet and all of this new technology readily available to everyone.

Wireless technology has the potential to even the technology gap.  This is what's so exciting about the possibilities of this new wireless world.  As in the past, we believe that what brings us together will be something that we can see and feel.

So it is very ironic that the thing that may tie us all together is a technology that is not visible or tangible.  Just think about it, there is a real chance that wireless technology will bring together not only our nation, but our world together.

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